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Make the voice extraordinary

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke sang “Beautiful People”, the opening song of the 2016 album “Under the Sun” by Mark Pritchard. Yorke sings in a typical emotional manner with various tones and wording, and Pritchard (whether an experimenter) will distort the singer’s voice until they become extraordinary. Izotope VocalSynth crack Download Twisting is subtle, like the sound of a dreamer in a dream, or an alien imitating human voices and songs.

In our orbit, we pursue that alien quality. But instead of making the voice subtle, we have modified it more. Izotope VocalSynth crack Download The sound sample here is a long and lightly reverberating female “ahhhhhh”. We double-tracked the samples, one sample was the original sample, and the other was a vocal vocal performed by VocalSynth 2’s Biovox. Due to the existence of the original sample, there are human factors in the human voice, but because Biovox makes the recording full of syngas, it also sounds remote and strange.

Vocals are radical percussion elements

Izotope VocalSynth crack Download

Chopping sound samples and using them as percussion elements is nothing new. However Izotope VocalSynth crack Download, in this spirit of innovation, Izotope VocalSynth crack Download we shred the vocals below, cut them and rearranged them, and then processed them with VocalSynth 2. We did some very aggressive signal processing to make the human voice a truly experimental percussion element.

Biovox modules set as Glitchy Squares presets

The following clip contains two samples: the first, a male voice saying “yes” and the second female voice saying “Back”. We arrange them randomly in Ableton Live and then use a variety of VocalSynth 2 modules and effects to create a truly malfunctioning electronic rhythm, such as the original version of Aphex Twin or Venetian Snares, if you want to think so.

First, we set the Biovox module as a Glitchy Squares preset, which will reduce sequence quality. We then set Compuvox to Hushed Murmur, a preset that makes Lo-Fi quality more computerized. We then hired Polyvox to move the formants down. But we did not stop there. Izotope VocalSynth crack Download We also filtered the sequences in the effects section, added some chorus, and then created random variations by using shredding effects, which allowed us to repeat various notes randomly, adding more glitches to the mix.

Turn human voice into drone

Izotope VocalSynth crack Download

This experiment eliminated the idea that the human voice is mainly a melody. Harmony or percussion generator. But recast it into a pure tone and texture. To do this We start with high-pitched opera samples (Splice sample packages from Andrew Weatherall and Nina Walsh). Izotope VocalSynth crack Download Which already have reverb effects. We also added Ableton’s Concertn Hall reverb. Of course, most people don’t have an opera vocal talent. But for the sake of experimentation, we want to turn one extreme into another.

For this clip, we want our samples of opera vocals to be drone-like like 2001’s “A Space Odyssey”, and the work of composer Gy├Ârgy Ligeti turns opera vocals into darkness, usually atonal drones. Now, in our sample, we are not as vocal as Ligeti. However, by using VocalSynth 2 to process our samples, although the effect is slightly similar, the effect is even smaller.

First, we set the Biovox module to the Hushed Murmur preset, while setting Clarity to 17, Shift to -77, Nasal to 19, and Breath to 14. Next, we open the Vocoder module and set it as a Planet Galaxy preset. Finally, we used the Polyvox module, set the “Formant” to -5, “Character” to -31, and “Humanity” to 86. The combination of these three modules does provide some sample Ligeti sound for the sample.

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